Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Epic Bernina Cake

SAMQG is not all sewing all the time.  We also have CAKE!!

Happy Birthday, Leslie!

This amazing, unreal, epic cake is the birthday cake for Leslie Tucker Jenison.  The cake was made by Akiko White and was a gift to Leslie from her friends/family.

Leslie, generously brought her birthday cake to our September SAMQG Meeting to share it with all the membership.  WOWSA.

All edible.  
Even the lace around the "quilt".  The top cake was Lime Margarita and lower part of the cake was Carrot cake.

Leslie is also a Bernina Ambassador.

To say the membership was floored with the artwork and the generosity, would be an understatement.
WOWSA. again.

Thank you so much, Leslie!

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