Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Color Party

I just had the best time ever and couldn’t wait to tell you all about it.  First off, let me just say the thought of sewing without a plan makes me nauseous.  Using busy prints all together in one place gives me hives.  But I just spent the day doing both and not only am I not sick, I feel great.  I really want to keep sewing but I needed to take just a little break to share the excitement with you.  Today I went to the perfect workshop.

First, Edna’s sewing cottage is amazing.  Everywhere you look you find creative inspiration.  Second, Edna herself must be the best hostess on this planet.  And third, Jessica Darling is simply awesome.  Our small group were mostly new to the improv world (except Edna, who is a pro IMHO).  So most of us were at a loss on where and how to start.  (We had missed out on Christine’s Improv workshop.)

Jessica helped us plan the party.  She made sure we had the right hostess and then showed us how to figure out who to invite.  Not too many and not too few.  One of us had an eclectic group.  Another only invited relatives.  And some had both family and friends there. We made sure our hostess had some supporting cast.  We provided entertainment and snacks for our parties.  We even invited some girls in ugly dresses to make our hostess look even better.  We made sure we invited some who weren’t the life of the party but still liked to have fun.  Our aim was to make our hostess stand out, but still let her friends show themselves, and be happy about where they were and how they looked.  Color parties are quite an adventure.  And those of us who participated couldn’t wait to go home and use our design walls to watch our party continue to happen.

I admit, for a while my shoulders were tight, my knuckles were a little bit white, and I did feel a little queasy.  But Jessica was so encouraging, the others so enthusiastic, and the whole process so forgiving that it became fun for me.  I didn’t need to cut accurately or even sew a perfect scant quarter inch.  It didn’t provide the immediate gratification I get from paper piecing, but it did get me excited.  And that excitement is staying with me.  And that means this quilt won’t become another project shoved in a drawer because it was too hard, taking too long, or no longer interested me.  This party will happen.  And it will be awesome.

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