Friday, February 6, 2015

February Sew-n-Tell

Here are pictures of the Sew-n-Tell, in case you missed it.

Last of the traveling quilts.

Results of Texty
Trapunto Workshop.

Polly Sparks made two
outside pillows.

Jessi Lane made
and quilted this.

Back of Jessi's quilt.

Margaret DeLeon made
and quilted this.

Back of Margaret's quilt
Sarah Jimenez made this.
Suzanne Logan quilted it.

Back of Sarah's quilt.

Sara Elliott made
and quilted this.

Back of Sara's quilt.

Leslie Jenison made this.

Charity quilt made
by Emily & Sara E.
Cathy Kropp quilted it.

Emily Robbins made this.
Danielle Wilkes quilted it.

It's reversible!

Emily's body bag from
Joanna's workshop.

Stacy Pyron made
and quilted this.

Back of Stacy's quilt.

Stacy made and
quilted this sister quilt.

Back of the sister quilt.

Stacy also made this and
practiced her long arming skills.

Back of Stacy's quilt.

Final Mini-swap quilt
made for Lisa LeBlanc
by Stacy Pyron

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