Thursday, February 18, 2016

February Sew-n-Tell

Sorry for the delay in sharing the eye candy.
Sarah taught Stacy to paper piece. 
Check out the graffiti quilting.

 And back of Stacy's quilt.  Check out the Quilting.
 Elizabeth's daughter's Kitty quilt is adorable. 
Yes, it really is 3D.
 Meg finished her Glam Clam. She was pretty proud.
Looks pretty great to me.
 Sorry, Can't remember who did this one, but I think it looks like a round robin.
In my favorite color combination too.
 Kristin is busy making baby blankets.  I wonder why.
 Yep, now you can see why baby quilts are in her future.
 Kristen's mom made this one.  Isn't it the adorable?
Not sure if I like the front or back better.  So cute.

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