Tuesday, September 16, 2014

SAMQG Logo Quilt


We have a SAMGQ LOGO Quilt!!

Designed by Allison, President 2014 (left) and quilted by Danielle, past President 2013 (not picutred)

What a great addition to the SAMQG chapter.

As always, click the image to see larger details.

Love Love Love this quilt!  Thanks ladies!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September 2014 Show'n'Tell

So many Show N Tell quilts from the September 2014 meeting, so little time.  Wait.  No.  We have all the time in the world.  This IS the internet.  =)

The SAMQG members really turned out a great "mini quilt show" for us, as they/we do every meeting.  Be sure to click around the blog.  We had amazing Outreach Quilts at the September 2014, those will be on a separate blog post.

Click any photo to see it larger, or come on out to a meeting to see the "mini quilt shows" in person.

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 2014 Block of the Month

Block of the Month is seriously the BOMB at SAMQG.

Kelli does an amazing job picking fast, easy, contemporary versions of so many different blocks.

At the beginning of each meeting Kelli set up a design wall with a preview for next month (the leaves) and a "turn in" side for the current month's block.

As the guests arrive, we get more and more and more and more blocks.  I think, for the past 3-4 months, the winner of the BOM has enough blocks for a full-on, real-deal quilt. 


Ya'll, that is aLOT of blocks and there are still 5-7 blocks that aren't pictured in the blue/green stripe.

I cannot wait to see how many blocks are coming for the very large, October Maple Leaf Block.

Directions for the block are in our "members only" FB page.

Friday, September 5, 2014

SAMQG Baby Quilts

In the past year, SAMQG has welcomed 4 babies.  Each sweet little baby happened to receive a sweet little quilt.  As it happened this year, a friend of each of the moms-to-be organized a "block drive", then the membership makes a small block based on the mom's color requests, a bff usually assembles it, and someone volunteers to quilt/finish it.  Totally voluntary, but a really unique gift to give to the littles.

I'll try to get more pictures of the two other baby quilts.

Here are a few of the SAMQG little littles' quilts.

Here's Sara E, presenting the baby quilt to its new owner: 

Here's Allison C, presenting the quilt to its new owner:

September 2014 Guest Speaker - Heather Grant

Guess who our guest speaker for the September 2014 meeting is???


The house was packed for Heather's Alternate Gridwork presentation.  

She had a presentation for us with loads of photo inspiration, diagrams of grids and modern quilts.  Lots to take away from this modern explanation of using the quilting grid.

She'll be giving this lecture at QuiltCon.  If you are looking for a class, try to see it.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Creations in Kerrville - Summer Retreat

Welcome welcome welcome, guest-member blogger, Emily.  Emily attended our guild's retreat, recently, in Kerrville.  Here's her review:

Have you ever been to Creations in Kerrville? If the answer is no, then I suggest planning a trip as soon as possible. Once there you will find a perfectly curated collection of fabrics including, but not limited to, beautiful modern finds that are organized in a logical and inspiring manner. Kaffe Fassett? Check. Tula Pink? Check. V and Co.? Check. Cotton + Steel? Check. Could I go on and on? Check! In addition to the glorious yards and yards of fabric, they have a room filled with books and patterns, another filled with notions and sale items. The charming house is stuffed full of fantastic finds and fabulous staff who are there to help around every corner.Truthfully, I was only in the store for thirty minutes or less, sprinting through in a mad dash to see what they had and return to my sewing station at The Main House. I was there on a quilting retreat after all. Because I sprinted through, I am sure I missed entire areas or even rooms (gasp!) but I can say it is without a doubt the best quilting store I have ever patronized. The finely attuned attention to detail that is so striking in Creations is readily apparent in The Main House, our home for the weekend of August 3-5. 

Eighteen Hot Tamales journeyed up to Kerrville to relax, quilt, eat, and commune with one another. When we arrived we found a well-lit work room where everyone had enough room to spread out and get creative! The kitchen/lounge was well-organized and stocked even before we stuffed our delicious menu items into the fridge. Upstairs, the rooms were just like staying in a fabulous hotel, with rooms accommodating anywhere from 3-5 quilters. Each room had it's own bathroom and shower. We were staying in luxury; the attention to detail that makes Creations the best quilt shop around is evident in The Main House. I could go on and on about the accommodations, but you might want to know that we did work. 

When Christine and I arrived around two on Friday afternoon, Toni had already cut into her Liberty fabric, making a stunning baby quilt for one of our littlest Hot Tamales, Gracie. Sue was well on her way to completing her fantastic wedding quilt, gearing up for her son's wedding in September. Suzanne was hard at work putting together a beautiful quilt for her daughter, who had picked out the fabrics. They were all working together; mothers hard at work providing beauty for their children. 

Close to the busy moms was Sarah Rodriguez, speedily completing her inspiring paper pieced hexagon quilt. When she ran out of paper, Sarah started working on the BOM blocks she won in July. Boy, was this girl drooling over those beautiful blocks! Next to Sarah was a station stacked high with fabric and thread but not a Hot Tamale to be seen. Christine and I put everything away and started sewing before we even caught sight of Joanna (who had apparently been lost in Creations.) Even though Joanna spent a lot of time shopping, she somehow started and completed a fabulous mini quilt, busted out a whole bunch of BOMs, and worked on altering the pattern for and creating another Sew Together bag.

At the other end of the room, I'm pretty sure Ashley had already completed her Yellow Brick Road quilt; a stunning work that brightened up the entire work space. Ashley dubbed her corner "her little sweatshop" because she clearly came to work. I would love to think I could tell you everything she completed over the weekend, from a bag to several Farmer's Wife blocks, to a herringbone quilt but she completed work faster than I could even register. 

Christine photo-documented the entire weekend, making sure to keep all of the Hot Tamales who couldn't make it to the retreat up-to-date. She also worked on the beautiful backing for her triangle quilt, which she even got spray basted, ready for quilting. She completed a pillowcase to accompany the show and tell quilt she made for her son's bed. Finally, she worked on an inspirational improvisational quilt. We only got to see part of it come together, but we are all curious to see the finished project. I had been waiting for this retreat  because I knew I would have the precious space to lay out two quilts that needed time on the design wall; I completed the first of my seasonal bed quilts. I also completed the design of the triangle section of my Christmas snuggle quilt.

At another quilting station, Cathy worked diligently on something she loves to procrastinate. . . . binding her quilts. (I know some of you can relate to that!) She finished binding all of the quilts she brought; it always feels great to finish and see the final, executed design. She also pieced together a Minnesota Viking quilt top (presumably before she started her binding work. . . but I'll never tell!) She also fielded questions left and right about foundation paper piecing. Edna was busy, busy, busy working on her adorable summer-y quilt. Her quilt just makes you want to stop and have a picnic with some Hot Tamales. Kathleen was fervently working on charity quilts all weekend long. There was no slowing her down! Mai joyfully worked on a spunky polka dot quilt kit she got from Craftsy. Sara kept cutting out baby block kits and sneaking them to people to complete. She got all of the blocks for Yong-Li's and Katrina's quilts done. She also was working away on some UFO's and quilt backs. I'm not sure how all of these ladies got so much done since they also were telling stories to entertain the entire room!

Allison's crew joined Ashley at her "sweatshop" station and they clearly showed up to work. Allison completed her President's challenge quilt and worked on top secret quilt con entires -- you know the drill, we can't tell you or we'd have to force you to bind quilts in a dark room (with an OttLite) until QuiltCon selections were announced. Sorry. Rosemary  worked on binding a T-shirt quilt and keeping everyone encouraged and entertained. Kim finished her second quilt ever -- a quilt any Texas Longhorn fan would be happy to snuggle with! When Danielle arrived late Saturday night, she joined this group and went right to work, busting out some garments and working away on her captivating Tokyo Subway quilt. 

As you can see we had a super productive weekend! Can't wait to see you at the next retreat!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

SAMQG Ultimate Mini Swap

 Please welcome our member guest blogger: 

I am so excited to be guest blogging for the SAMQG!  My name is Joanna Marsh and I am a member of the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild. 

Some discussion took place at the Creation’s retreat in August regarding a mini quilt swap for members.  Several people really wanted to do a swap, so I volunteered to put together some guidelines and organize this swap.

If you aren’t familiar with mini quilt swaps and what they are, I’m here to give you some great info!
Mini quilt swaps are EXPLODING on social media.  People are participating/hosting on blogs, flickr, Instagram, etc.  Most mini quilts are defined as being 8”x8” to 24”x24”.  Each swap host typically has their own rules and guidelines they want participants to abide by.  Some swaps have special themes.  The general purpose of swaps is kind of like pen pals.  You may find out some limited information about your swap partner, and then be able to put your own creative juices into their mini. 

Some popular mini swaps are Schnitzleandboo (Instagram), The Strawberry Swap (Instagram), The Sewing Loft (Blog), and tons of other individuals on Instagram, blogs, etc. 

Some swaps are within specific groups, and others are open to just about everyone.  Since the SAMQG has some long-distance members, we will be allowing everyone the option to participate.  If you’re local, just let me know on your entry form that you are open to having a long-distance partner.  If you’re an out-of-town member, please do the same.  If you are assigned a long-distance partner, you are responsible for shipping costs, along with making sure you ship your partner’s items no later than December 28, 2014, which is an earlier deadline than the in-person swap. 

Remember you’re sharing your skills and creativity with another person that you may or may not know very well.  It’s fun to plan and make something for another person while showcasing your abilities.  So let’s get the ball rolling with

 SAMQG’s 1st Ultimate Mini Quilt Swap!

 (Picture from Google Images)

For the SAMQG Ultimate Mini Quilt Swap, here are the rules:

Rules for Mini Quilt Swap
Sign up for the swap by the September SAMQG meeting.  All participants will be assigned a SECRET partner no later than the October meeting. 
Due date:________January Guild Meeting___________________
1.  Break out the good fabric!  Please use quilt shop quality fabrics.  This is a classy swap, so think quality.
2.  Break out your best skills!  Use this as an opportunity to showcase your awesome talents! 
3.  Mind your deadline!  Please don’t commit to this swap if you don’t think you’ll follow through.  It won’t be fair to the recipient of your mini if you’re empty handed at the end of the swap. 
4.  Think of your mini as a gift!  You may want to finish it off with a pretty ribbon, or gift tag.  Presentation is important too.
5.  Keep your recipient in mind when creating your mini!  If their favorite fabric designer is Kaffe Fassett, think about that designer when selecting your fabrics.  That doesn’t mean you can only use his fabric, but definitely don’t select subdued fabrics with no color.  However, this is something created by YOU, so DO put your creative juices into this.
6.  We won’t be shipping minis, but will be swapping them in person at:______Sewcial Hour (time and location TBA), January meeting__________
7.  You can (but don’t have to) share progress of your mini on Instagram with #samqgultimateswap
                Make sure your photos don’t give away your recipient (until it’s over!)
8.  You can include other small goodies with your mini, if you choose to do so.  (Don’t go overboard…the mini quilt is all that is required.)
9.  Finished mini quilt should be at least 8” x 8”, and no larger than 24” x 24”.
10.  This swap is a SECRET.  SHHHHHHHHH!  Don’t tell ANYONE who you got.  NO SPOILERS!
11.  If something happens and you cannot finish the quilt swap, you must communicate that with Joanna Marsh via e-mail : kustom.kwilts@yahoo.com The earlier you let her know, the better!
12.  Fill out the following information to help your partner know what you like & return to Joanna Marsh no later than the September guild meeting to join the swap.  You can return this in person, or via e-mail to Joanna.


E-mail address

Favorite fabric designer/collection

Favorite colors

Least favorite colors

Favorite quilt designer/people that inspire you

Would you be open to receiving a holiday themed mini, and if so, what holiday?

Favorite candy/small treat

Favorite sewing notion

Would you be open to shipping your mini if assigned a long distance guild member?
If you answer yes, you are responsible for shipping to your swap partner by December 28, 2014.  Please make sure they are not empty handed!
If you answered yes to last question, provide YOUR shipping address

Keep in mind that the person assigned to make your mini is not making a made to order gift, and this information is suggestion only!  They would like to put their personal touches on it too!