Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Happenings!

Summer is busier than it should be!  I was recently reminiscing about summers where I felt like I had time to spare, time to sort through my sequins and beads, time to read books for fun while floating on a pool lounge.  I hope your summer has had moments like this, but the SAMQG has been busy too!

Our president stepped down as she embarked on a new journey, several members are preparing for or experiencing new babies, some are jumping off cliffs into the many cool swimming holes we have in Texas.  Recently we got together in Joanna's new studio to finish the #quiltsforpulse quilts.  Our show and tell proved that we are keeping busy in our own sewing rooms.  Enjoy some pictures from our recent show and tell!  Thank you Toni for all the pictures.

I see lots of 'Fancy Forest' and 'Sasquatch.'  The kids were involved too!  Check out our members talent!

Friday, June 24, 2016

"Not Stopping Until I Finish 49 Heart Blocks"

Debra Barnes didn't want to stop making hearts until she
completed forty-nine heart blocks, and she didn't.
These blocks represent each of the people who
perished in the horrific attack at  Pulse Night Club. 
One of our guild's missions is to provide comfort and support through quilts.  There have been many outreach programs to be proud of as a member of this organization; our quilts have gone from local habitat for Humanity Houses to children in the Ukraine.

The recent tragedy in Orlando has rocked our nation and the modern quilt guild has put needle to fabric try to ease the pain of the victims of the shooting.  Our past president, Danielle Wilkes, stated it eloquently when she said, "I can't articulate my emotions, but I do know that putting a needle in fabric is soothing."

As a result of a call from the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild, many quilters are assembling heart blocks to commemorate those killed and to comfort the victims.  This is the most recent charity project, but Jen Eskridge has been leading Tote Bag initiative and quilts for various charities.

Our charity coordinator, Jen Eskridge, hosted a local sew-in at one of our sponsor's shop, Sew Special, to work on the hearts and the tote project.  Stacy Pyron's store, The Quilt Shop, has also hosted recent sew-in's in order for our members to have dedicated time and instruction to complete projects dedicated to charity.

The next sew-in is on Saturday, July 9 at Joanna's new sewing studio.  Please check the SAMQG Event page for details.  The emphasis will be to assemble, back, quilt, and finish the pulse quilts.

The most recent sew in had members, their children, and even a couple of neices sewing for a cause.  If you are interested in helping our guild with heart charity blocks, please contact Jen Eskridge, our charity chair-woman.

Check out these sites if you are interested in making a quilt for the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild's efforts, please check out the following sources:

The Happy Zombie Love Quilt
Cluck Cluck Sew's Heart Quilt
#Quilts for Pulse Charity Drive by Modern Quilt Guild

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hand applique for modern quilters

When I explain to people that I am in a quilt guild, I always qualify it by saying, but I am 'cool' quilter.  That translates even into one of the older traditions of quilting, needle-turn or hand applique.

Recently Carolyn Friedlander confirmed the fact that I am part of the cool quilters by writing the book, Savor Each Stitch, that highlights beautiful hand applique using modern design aesthetics. (see picture on right)

I saw crazymomquilts on Instagram (IG) posting about a 'dot your i's" project and decided to develop a hand project that was modern and could keep my hands busy during practices, vacations, guild meetings, and while watching The Bachelor...hey...don't judge!

So I started a new project.  I was inspired by the Aerial Grove quilted (see picture on the right) and the images I surfed on IG.  I love that I am juxtaposing the precision of invisible applique shapes with the imperfection of the "squircle."

I hope the tutorial inspires you and that you show off what you make.  You can follow me on IG, #jessipea, or show me at a meeting.  I can help you with needle turn applique, but I warn you, I am self-taught!

Check out these hashtags on IG to see some cool projects that inspired this one!
I can't wait to see what you make.

#aerialgrove     #squircles     #savoreachstitch

tutorial by Jessi Lane

I used scraps for this project, but I have been known to purchase fabrics to help my scraps out.

                                              1.  Cut a low volume print to 6.5 x 6.5 inches.
2.  Cut a bright print to about 3 inches square.
3.  Cut your square into a "squircle."
4.  There is not a right way to do this.

5.  Baste with a contrasting thread.  I keep it simple and fast.
6.  Choose a matching thread and I used a thin needle (clover gold eye)
*These superior thread wheels are invaluable to this applique project.
They are available at many of our sponsor stores.

7.  Applique the squircle down.  This is much like a binding stitch.
I just turn the edges of the fabric as I hand stitch.

8.  Tie a knot on the back of your shape when you have
secured all the sides.
9.  Cut all the basting threads off and admire your perfectly imperfect squircle.
9.  Repeat!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tote Bag Charity Sewing Challenge

Tote Bag Charity Sewing Challenge

Today we're kicking off the SAMQG Health Care for Homeless Veteran's (HCHV) Tote Bag Challenge 

Many of our members are affiliated with the larger military community in San Antonio. When researching this summer's charity sewing challenge, I found Health Care for Homeless Veterans (HCHV), which is party of the VA system. After talking with the coordinator, Peggy, we determined that a tote bag for their supplies might be a perfect fit.

HCHV Description: "Initially serving as a mechanism to contract with providers for community-based residential treatment for homeless Veterans, many HCHV programs now serve as the hub for a myriad of housing and other services that provide VA with a way to reach and assist homeless Veterans by offering them entry to VA care." -from their website

So what is our sewing challenge? 

The SAMQG is hosting a challenge to create a tote bag. The goal is to create 100 bags to be presented to HCHV in September 2016.  That gives us May, June, July and August to stitch.

How do you make a tote bag? 

I'm so glad you asked! 

With permission, we will use the Morsbag Tutorial to create our bags and kits. GRAB THE PATTERN HERE. (Labels will be provided and are only needed for this pattern.)

If you have found a different internet tutorial (for non-restricted use: meaning you can make a ton of them for charity) or have a favorite style of tote bag to sew, you can make it, too. Make what you feel comfortable making. Our goal is simply to provide tote bags.

Will there be kits? 

Yes! We are very fortunate to have fabric donations and generous members. Kits will be available at the Sew-In's and at SAMQG meetings throughout the summer. Kits will be cut for the Morsbag requirements.

Each tote bag kit contains:

  • 1 rectangle of fabric measuring 18" x 40"
  • 2 rectangles of fabric measuring 18" x 4"
  • 1 Morsbag label

The kits are ready and the pattern is shared. What next?

Official Sew-In Days at Sew Special are:
  • June 21st from 10a - 3p
  • July 15th from 10a - 3p
If you are in the SAMQG, please RSVP on our "EVENTS" tab on Facebook.

Of course, you are encouraged to sew as many tote bags as you like on your own, too. You do not have to attend an event to make a wonderful donation. GRAB THE PATTERN HERE.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Quilts For Kids Donations

SAMQG Donates to Quilts for Kids

Since January 2016 the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild has been collecting and creating these quilted donations. Through independent member donations and through our Revolving Charity Table, I'm thrilled to report that 13 quilts were donated to Quilts for Kids!

The drop-off location is Sew Special Quilt Shop on 1604. I took the quilts to the shop today. The shop owner, Laurie, was happy to receive them! We laid them out in their classroom to grab a photo of the collection together before they head to their new homes with Santa Rosa Children's Hospital.
As it turns out, the outreach/charity collection bin is empty now. I know our generous membership will be filling this tote up over time. You did amazing work!
Bring your donations to the quilt guild meetings or simply take them to the quilt shop. Your work is appreciated!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Revolving Charity Table

 The Revolving Charity Table

What is the Revolving Charity Table? Well, I'm so glad you asked! In short, it is the ultimate outreach group project. Our guild takes unfinished donations (in all stages) from guild members and allows other guild members to work on them.

Sounds easy, right? Let me share how it works:

Patterns & Fabric: If you have a pattern or fabric kit that you've purchased or cut and are no longer interested in making, bring it to the guild. We have a members that love piecing and just want to give that a try.

Quilt Tops: Did you make a top that you are no longer jazzed about? Bring it to guild. We have members that love the quilting step but don't have desire or time to piece a top.

We have supply donations as well. Rolls of batting and easy pattern cards have been donated for our guild to use as we finish up projects on the Revolving Charity Table.

Binding: If you have *mostly* finished a quilt and it needs binding, bring it. Folks enjoy that final step, too. 

One thing we ask is that if you are donating a quilt in any stage of construction, please know it will be finished in the vision of whomever is finishing it. It will also be donated to the SAMQG Charity Charge. The charge for 2016 is Quilts For Kids which will then give the quilts to Santa Rosa Children's Hospital. (Drop off point for this organization is Sew Special on 1604.)

Fun fact: There is no timeline for completing the item you take. We do ask that you work on it and finish it to the stage you are comfortable. There isn't a "it has to be turned in next month" type rule. Take two or three months, that is ok. Just be sure you return what you take. 

At the next meeting, dive in and give the Revolving Charity Table a try. We are happy to hold the items from month to month and are even happier to receive finished projects which have been stitched by a few members.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

April Sew-n-Tell

All About April

Rebecca encouraged folks to use their Modern Quilt Guild membership benefits and check out the webinars, free patterns and other options.  She suggested checking out the write up on Quiltcon and the latest webinar on Perfection and Procrastination.

We're looking for a Project Manager for the Quiltcon 2017 Charity Challenge.  This year’s challenge requires participants to work collaboratively to create completed quilts using a predetermined color palette while crafting a design that plays with scale.  You can get more info here. Let one of the board members know if you're interested.  If the guild is going to participate, we must sign up by July 30. You'll have lots of support, but we need a leader/coordinator.
We may have a new meeting location lined up for June.  Our May meeting is at Leslie Jennison's house.  Information on the May Mercado will be on Facebook.  It is open to all members and our current sponsors.

Next retreat will be at Creations' Main House on Labor Day weekend.  You can add Monday if you want.

We're expecting Kim Kight, Cotton + Steel Fabric Designer, to present at the June meeting.  Sarah is trying to work out details for a potential June workshop with double gauze or lawn.  Watch Facebook for details.

Jen held a charity sew-in Friday after the meeting at Mesquite Bean from 10-closing.  Mesquite Bean is sponsoring the bags charity drive for Days for Girls. Checkout Facebook and the blog post for more info.  Everyone who donates a bag gets a chance at Succulence FQs donated by Mesquite Bean.
Bring your bags to the May Mercado; get a chance to win some fabric. 

Jen is still accepting NICU blankets for Threads of Love and will continue to accept bags for Days for Girls, but every 2 months she'll issue another challenge for a different charity.

Sarah J won the April BOM blocks, but she did stack the deck a bit, contributing >20 blocks. She got the Sew Inspired ruler to square them up the 30 blocks she won.. 

The next BOM is called A Quilters Table.  Watch Facebook for details.

Members talked about their inspiration for the President's Challenge.  There is so much diversity in our guild and so many different inspirations in the world.  An album cover, song, painting, person, animated character, book, daughter/artist, movie, and video game were all cited as inspirational items by members.  This challenge, due in August, is going to be something special.  Rebecca will be looking for updates at the June meeting.

Our presentation was on the principles of design by our own Suzy Armstrong. She gave us some theory, some rules, and a lot of examples, explaining how principles of design relate to principles of modern quilts.  It was a very interesting, enlightening, and educational presentation.