Friday, February 1, 2013

Love is in the air my dears.....Quilt Con is finally here!

We have some pretty exciting things going on this month in case you fallen off of the radar or Facebook isn't one of your appendages.   During our meeting this month, you could have a chance to win a ticket to Quilt Con!  What up....whoop whoop!  Okay, so maybe I'm a little over zealous, but it's a great opportunity.  Don't forget, we have some members whose quilts are on display, so check them out when you're there, and take lots of pictures (to post on the blog).  Now thanks to Erin and Allison, you could be attending Quilt Con sporting your very own
Hot Tamale gear!  I heard there are glitter options, which could be rock'in for the 80's throw back party!  So load up on gear, and sport it any way you can during any outings on your schedule!  Oh and don't forget to blab about it to all of your friends!

Thank you to everyone who worked to make our Guild entries to Quilt Con a success.  You are all very amazing women!


Also for those of you looking for something really WICKED to do... we have  a 2013 Challenge!  So get your creative juices flowing and start brainstorming your entry.  This guild never ceases to amaze me with your talents.