Sunday, March 27, 2016

Now you can be Sew Organized

Our presentation was from Heidi Staples of  She wrote the book Sew Organized for the Busy Girl.  But really her talk was all about making time for quilting and providing yourself the right place, space and opportunity to make your sewing time productive.  She talked about her own history and how she got into her hobby - now business.  I wrote down a bunch of statements she made that spoke to me.  Here's a couple of my faves "Guilt does NOT belong in your sewing room."  "Like the place where you sew." "Always look for better ways to do things.  She gave lots of suggestions and shared her story through her quilts.  It was a great presentation.  Sorry if you missed her.  Here's some pics you might enjoy.

She was inspired by her dads "Old" typewriter
so she made a quilt.

Then she made it bigger.

She likes playing with "Old" traditional quilt patterns
and making them larger and more modern.

She makes tools that help her and others be organized.

She likes resizing patterns.

Great for Kids or Adults coloring --
or for your quilting journal so you
are always ready to capture a new inspiration.

Her own version of a spools quilt.

March Meeting Misses

There seemed to be a lot going on at this meeting.  I took notes, but they're kind of confusing to me now.  Joanna reported we had 69 paid members.  One new member joined tonight.  Lauren, Elizabeth, Lynn and Amy? won door prizes. 

We all voted on our favorite name tag.  Last month's challenge was to make a new one and wear it.  Many did.  Kelly's was the favorite. 

We had a report from those that went to QUILTCON.  Everyone who couldn't be there really appreciated the pics.  All agreed the lectures were incredible and offered their opinions on the best.  We're still looking into alternate locations for our meeting. 

We had some volunteers for committee heads.  Say thanks to Ellen who will be running retreats and Evelyn who will be heading up swaps and challenges. 

Next month will be our spring retreat.  Final payments were due but there were still openings. See Sarah R if you want to go.   

There was a drawing for those who are participating in the Fancy Forest Quiltalong.  Bunnies were due this month. Next is owls.  After owls the QAL will take a break to allow others to catch up.  During the break, some will be working on the Legendary pillow/quilt block.

Jen reported she received 135 NICU blankets for Threads of Love during Feb-Mar. The Quilt Shop in Castroville sponsored that challenge.  She will continue to accept donations all year.  There's a blog post with instructions. Apr-May Charity challenge is for Days for Girls bags for hygiene items. Watch Facebook for charity sew-ins.  This one is sponsored by Mesquite Bean.  There's a blog post with instructions.

Jen reminded everyone they could donate quilt tops to be finished for charities.  If you have some hanging around and want to declutter, she will take what you go.

Rebecca talked about the President's challenge.  She brought in the art that inspired her and her interpreted quilt.  For April, she'd like everyone to bring in their inspiration for the challenge. Quilts aren't due until August.

These were the blocks for this month's BOM.  Mary Ruth won the blocks.

This is next month's BOM.  Loretta had the corner fabrics on hand and the instructions will be posted on Facebook.  You can see below what a quilt can look like made from this block.

We had a great presentation but I'll post that separately.  Hope to see you at next month's meeting.

March Sew-n-Tell

Once again, I'm a bit behind.  But here's the awesome eye candy from the March Sew-n-Tell.

Sarah has been busy making beauties.

Even her backs are gorgeous.

Here's another from our prolific Sarah.

And another pretty back.

Kelli doesn't share often, but when she does,
she has some amazing quilts.

Kelli finisher her quit from
Victoria Findlay Wolf's workshop

Hexagons everywhere and a
unique binding method from Kelli.

Check out that binding.

Kelli's Improv is Quilt as you Go. 

The back really shows the quilt as you go
and great quilting.

Kelli found a way to really use up a lot of scraps.
Crocheting 2" strips into a bath mat.

Sorry, Can't remember who made this beauty. 
Hopefully they'll let me know.

Elizabeth made this for and auction for
her daughter's class.  Each of the students names
is on the cross in their own hand writing.

Can't remember who made this beautiful Swoon quilt but
I'm pretty sure Jen quilted it.  It might belong to Regan.

This is the back of the guild's QUILTCON
charity quilt for 2016.

This is the front of the guild's QUILTCON charity
quilt for 2016.  Sarah J posted the story behind this
on our Facebook site in case you missed it.

This queen size quilt is by Jen.

This baby size quilt is by Jen.

Pieced quilt back by Jen.

Jen made this from the BOM blocks she won.
She has more blocks still to sew together.

Cathy made this for Kristen's baby.
All washed and crinkley and ready to deliver.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Days for Girls Sewing Challenge

Today we're kicking off the SAMQG Days for Girls Sewing Challenge!

One of our members, Linda, brought the Days for Girls organization to our attention after seeing a presentation from one of their volunteers. The work Days for Girls does is amazing. Please take a moment to click that link.

Days for Girls Mission: Creating a more dignified, free and educated world through access to lasting feminine hygiene solutions.

You can also see the organization's founderCeleste Mergens, TEDtalk as she shares the story of how Days for Girls started and why listening to the wisdom of those you serve is vital for creating culturally, socially and physically relevant solutions that change lives. -from DfG website. Video Link Here.

So what is our sewing challenge? 

The SAMQG is hosting a challenge to create drawstring hygiene bags (pictured above) which we will donate to the organization. Our sponsor, Mesquite Bean Fabrics, has donated a prize to be given to the randomly drawn volunteer. Each person who turns in a sewn item at the MAY meeting will have their name entered once.  {{See the bottom of this blog post for additional information and sewing opportunities.}}

How do you make a drawstring bag? 

I'm so glad you asked! 

Complete pattern directions provided with exact specifications are included on the Days for Girls official pattern. Please be mindful of the fabric prints required and restricted.

You will be able to pick up the Days for Girls label/patch at the April meeting. Each bag is needs a patch.

Will there be kits? 

For our last sewing challenge we offered kits cut from donated flannel. This round will be the same! Hooray for generous donors!! Thank you so much! We have about 65 kits ready so far. {{Kits are for drawstring bags. Scroll to the bottom of this post for additional sewing opportunities.}}

Each drawstring bag kit contains:

  • 1 rectangle of fabric measuring 11" x 28"
  • 2 pieces of grosgrain ribbon 36" long
  • 1 Days for Girls label/patch

The kits are ready and the pattern is shared. What next?

Official Sew-In Days are:
If you are in the SAMQG, please RSVP on our "EVENTS" tab on Facebook.

Kits will also be available at spring retreat, if you are looking to make a quick bag in your quilt-y down-time.

Of course, you are encouraged to sew as many drawstring bags as you like on your own, too. You do not have to attend an event to make a wonderful donation. Grab the pattern here.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Additional Sewing Opportunities:

I recently met with a representative for the local San Antonio Days for Girls chapter. It was quite eye-opening. The drawstring bags we create will be used to hold hygiene kits:
The kits include a couple different sewn items, including (2) shields and (8) flannel liners.
Get the shield pattern here and shield template here. The liners are every bit as easy as our previous blanket sewing challenge. 

The design is two layers of prewashed flannel, stitched together, turned right-side out, and stitched again. These are the liners which, when folded, fit into the shield pockets:
They are octagons folded in thirds. In the pattern HERE, you'll also find a square method for making liners using a serger.
Easily make a few liners by downloading THIS TEMPLATE and following THESE DIRECTIONS.

Cut pre-washed flannel easily by laying the template like this and cutting through two layers at once.
Easy, right?

Please be mindful of the fabric print requirements and restrictions listed on the pattern.

Bring any Days for Girls projects to the May meeting. Anything you stitch is a more than welcome donation! Thank you!!