Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 2013 Meeting Presentation Schlosser Designs

Schlosser Designs

Erin Schlosser of Schlosser Designs gave a great presentation on using our quilt skills to apply them to non-quilt sewing concepts. She showed us her design process and tools. She talked about working with fabric companies and designers, events for Janome and we *might* have got a super sneak peek at a line of fabric releasing in Houston. All of her patterns were for sale and if you missed the presentation, check out her patterns and website here: http://www.schlosserdesigns.com/

The laminated graph paper and tracing paper makes her design process smooth and variable as she can add design details easily to test which styles/shapes she wants in her next amazing project.

Erin had plenty of pattern samples and was able to share with us that her patterns are written from a Sewing Instructor's point-of-view.  She adds tips and designer notes to every pattern.  On her newer patterns, she even includes QR codes which link to websites that have full photographs of the step-by-step construction.  Visit her pattern shop HERE.

Erin's designs go much further past her own pattern collection.  She designs for patterns for Windham Fabrics.  The pattern above is a free download on their website.  Look for big things coming soon from Schlosser Designs, including a chapter or two in an upcoming book.  

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