Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer Happenings!

Summer is busier than it should be!  I was recently reminiscing about summers where I felt like I had time to spare, time to sort through my sequins and beads, time to read books for fun while floating on a pool lounge.  I hope your summer has had moments like this, but the SAMQG has been busy too!

Our president stepped down as she embarked on a new journey, several members are preparing for or experiencing new babies, some are jumping off cliffs into the many cool swimming holes we have in Texas.  Recently we got together in Joanna's new studio to finish the #quiltsforpulse quilts.  Our show and tell proved that we are keeping busy in our own sewing rooms.  Enjoy some pictures from our recent show and tell!  Thank you Toni for all the pictures.

I see lots of 'Fancy Forest' and 'Sasquatch.'  The kids were involved too!  Check out our members talent!