Sunday, January 24, 2016

Threads of Love Sewing Challenge

Today we're kicking off the SAMQG Threads of Love Sewing Challenge! 

One of our members, Cindy, works with the Threads of Love sewing group and will be taking our sewing NICU blankets to them after the March meeting.

From the San Antonio chapter of Threads of Love: "We are a non-profit, non-denominational ministry dedicated to the production and distribution of clothing and care items to the premature babies - living and deceased."

So what is the challenge? The Quilt Shop in Castorville has donated a 10-pc Riley Blake Fat Quarter Bundle which will be awarded to a randomly drawn winner. To enter your name into the drawing, simply make a NICU blanket. You may make as many as you like. Each person who turns in a blanket will have their name entered once. 

The challenge will run through the March meeting. We will be drawing a winner at the end of the March meeting.
Blankets made by SAMQG Member, Emily R.
How do you make a NICU blanket? I'm so glad you asked!

Blankets are 20" x 20" finished and can be made from two pieces of flannel OR two pieces of quilters cotton with lightweight batting. The flannel blankets do not require batting.

Here's a guide:
Flannel Front + Flannel Back = no batting
Quilter's Cotton Front + Flannel Back = no batting
Quilter's Cotton Front + Quilter's Cotton Back = add a thin layer of batting
Blankets made by SAMQG member, Emily R.
1. Cut fabric 21" x 21". 
Note: Squares do not have to be pieced blocks; they can be solid pieces of fabric.
2. Matching right sides, sew around the square using a 1/2" seam allowance. Leave a 4" opening along one side.
3. Trim excess fabric from the corners.
4. Turn the square right side out through opening.
5. Push corners out and press the seam allowances into the opening. Pin.
6. Edge stitch around square. (Straight stitch or any decorative stitch may be used.)
7. Add some kind of quilting to secure the layers (with or without batting).
8. Use a zigzag stitch to attach the Threads of Love label to blanket. NOTE: These labels will be available at the February meeting.

My personal goal is to have the guild donate at least 50 blankets. I know you can do it! If you are a guild member and have questions about the challenge, feel free to ask them on our Facebook page. If you've found this tutorial and have questions, leave a comment or contact your local Threads of Love Chapter.
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Updated to add: This event was wonderful! Thank you all for your participation. Through the organized sew-in and member's individual donations, we were able to give 148 blankets to Threads of Love, so far. I anticipate a few more or a few dozen more blankets will come in throughout the year. Thank you!! Blankets pictured below were delivered on 3/5/2016.


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