Friday, May 6, 2016

Revolving Charity Table

 The Revolving Charity Table

What is the Revolving Charity Table? Well, I'm so glad you asked! In short, it is the ultimate outreach group project. Our guild takes unfinished donations (in all stages) from guild members and allows other guild members to work on them.

Sounds easy, right? Let me share how it works:

Patterns & Fabric: If you have a pattern or fabric kit that you've purchased or cut and are no longer interested in making, bring it to the guild. We have a members that love piecing and just want to give that a try.

Quilt Tops: Did you make a top that you are no longer jazzed about? Bring it to guild. We have members that love the quilting step but don't have desire or time to piece a top.

We have supply donations as well. Rolls of batting and easy pattern cards have been donated for our guild to use as we finish up projects on the Revolving Charity Table.

Binding: If you have *mostly* finished a quilt and it needs binding, bring it. Folks enjoy that final step, too. 

One thing we ask is that if you are donating a quilt in any stage of construction, please know it will be finished in the vision of whomever is finishing it. It will also be donated to the SAMQG Charity Charge. The charge for 2016 is Quilts For Kids which will then give the quilts to Santa Rosa Children's Hospital. (Drop off point for this organization is Sew Special on 1604.)

Fun fact: There is no timeline for completing the item you take. We do ask that you work on it and finish it to the stage you are comfortable. There isn't a "it has to be turned in next month" type rule. Take two or three months, that is ok. Just be sure you return what you take. 

At the next meeting, dive in and give the Revolving Charity Table a try. We are happy to hold the items from month to month and are even happier to receive finished projects which have been stitched by a few members.

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