Monday, July 28, 2014

SAMQG Update

You may have noticed some recent changes to our Guild Facebook PageThe Board is making these changes for the betterment of our group and the protection of our dedicated paid members. 

We recently changed to a "Closed" group privacy wise, which means people can still find our group and request to be added (and will be added if they are a paid member), but only members of the group will be able to see things we post like photos, events, and comments. 

We have also removed all non-paid members as of tonight. We sent PMs to members who were once active, but have fallen off this year to let them know they can renew and be added back to the group. 

If you are interested in becoming a paid member please contact our Membership Vice President.

We also sent messages to those unpaid members of the page who own businesses to let them know what we are doing and that we will be distributing a new advertising policy in the next few weeks. The Board has decided that the FB page will be an advertisement free zone. This is based on numerous members feedback and not simply a Board decision. If you post an ad, you will be warned and then if the behavior continues, you will be removed from FB, paid member or not. Ads will be allowed on the Blog and in the Newsletter for a fee, but that policy will be distributed to paid and unpaid businesses in the next few weeks.

 Also, we would like to remind all paid members, that FB and SAMQG is a positive place for our community and negative/disrespectful comments will not be tolerated. If you make such comments, you will be warned and eventually removed if the behavior continues.

This blog will be our public face.  Please subscribe, stop by, see what we're making, leave comments, ask questions.  We're glad you are here and we're glad you are taking an interest in SAMQG's Modern Quilting.

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