Thursday, October 23, 2014

Body Bag Class

If you dared travel up to Borne through the Interstate 10 closures on Saturday, October 18th, then you were treated to an intimate class of dedicated and determined bag makers. Joanna Marsh, pattern designer and teacher, treated her students to Bear Moon Bakery pastries and to a class full of new techniques including two different zipper installations.
Her pattern is for The Body Bag Duffle (#bodybagduffle), a bag big enough to fit a body. A fact participant Regan Peters verified when her 50lb son put her seahorse bag to the test.
Because it was an intimate class, participants were able to work at a pace that was comfortable for them as Joanna wandered around offering one-on-one help. Though the participants would like to claim that this was truly an advanced bag making class, the fact remains that beginners and experts alike left the class with new ideas, skills, and a fabulous bag that can easily haul whatever you just can’t bear to be without.

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