Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 2014 Demo Days - Bead Embellishments

October 2014 SAMQG meeting was "Demo Days" in a round robin style where there were 4 stations set up and 4 guild members each demo'd a technique or style or method used in their quilt-making.

Up next, Marilyn K.  Marilyn makes the most amazing small-piece quilted works of art by adding beads and embellishments.  Check out some of the close up details of her work.  

At her Demo Day station, she fielded loads of questions and answers regarding her thread type, her found materials her preferred beads and her assortment of perfect needles.

Please please click on the photos to enlarge them.

That is Marilyn, right there in the white.

You've got to click on these photos to enlarge them.  Every thing from found fabrics, to special metallic "tube net" stuff, to scraps to layers and layers of beads.

Some of the stitches are quilting, some are applique, some are decorative, some are planned, some are wild and all are AMAZING.

This is the wool + walnut shell pin cushion that makes it all possible.

How cool is that net?

This is a full-on treasure box of great sewing, beading, quilty, needlework goodies.

Thanks so much, Marilyn, for sharing your awesome process with us.  That artful bead work is very inspiring!

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