Monday, November 17, 2014

Paper Piecing Workshop

Had a fantastic day sharing my love of paper piecing with some other quilters. I introduced them to two projects. Each sewist finished one block from the one project and got started on the other. I was able to explain the whole process but wish I could have demonstrated more about putting the whole thing together. But I gave them some handouts with step-by-step instructions and hope that we will get to see the end results soon.  Everyone was hard at work.

We also took a look at different paper piece quilt block designers and explained what the different styles/techniques were. Shared lots of books and patterns with examples as well as some different paper pieced quilts I’ve done. Everyone stayed busy working on their projects and seemed to like the end results. Not sure they’ve turned into a paper piecer lover like I am but at least they don’t hate it and won’t be scared of paper piecing from now on.

I had never been to Honey Hill before but it sure was the perfect location for this workshop and I would love to spend a whole weekend there sewing. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to go back in the near future so I can finish at least some of what I've already started. Everyone had enough space for everything they needed. Just wish we had more time to spend sewing.

Here’s some pics of the finished hexi-drive blocks. It was a fun and productive weekend. And I enjoyed getting to know everyone a little bit better. Just wish we had more time.

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