Sunday, February 8, 2015

Workshops with Shannon Brinkley

Menagerie Workshop

This workshop was held at Creative Sewing Center in San Antonio.  Participants came with their projects in different stages of the process.  Everyone left happy with what they learned and what they created using Shannon's Scrappy Bits Applique technique. Shannon Brinkley is a wonderful teacher.  No stress at all (except what we put on ourselves). I'm not sure anyone got totally done, so everyone has homework.  But hopefully folks got far enough along that they'll be able to finish before the March meeting and can bring their projects to Sew-n-Tell. Shannon made us promise to share photos of our finished projects.  Here's our works-in-progress.  Speaking for myself, this was a lot more fun than I expected. 

Friday's Photos:





Around the World Workshop

This workshop was held at Edna's Awesome Sewing Cottage. Big thanks to Edna Guerra for opening her cottage and home to our members for this workshop.  Her hospitality can't be beat.  No one finished their projects at this workshop either.  Rumor has it no one even fired up their sewing machines.  This was a much larger and more complex project that involved many tiny scrappy bits.  But hopefully the participants will bring their projects (at whatever stage they're at) to the March meeting for Sew-n-Tell so we can send our workshop photos to Shannon.

Saturday's Photos:

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