Monday, August 24, 2015

AMH Trunk Show

Well I must admit the trunk show wasn't at all what I expected. I kind of expected a show and tell from a sewlebrity, and we did have that, but it was a show and tell with a lot of story and a lot of lessons.  It included the story of Anna Maria Horner. Something I admit I knew nothing about.  The story of what went on in her life and the dues she paid to get where she is - very eye opening and a better explanation of who she is and why.  It included the story of her now, in the distant and more recent past, the family that raised her and the one she is raising, and a little look into the future with a pretty funny KFC story.  But also an explanation of how she approaches both fabric designing and quilt designing.  And some great insights and motivation.  Below is some of the eye candy you missed.  But its the words and the story behind the pictures that was so much more important.  So sorry if you missed it.  I feel very lucky to have been there.

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