Sunday, March 27, 2016

March Sew-n-Tell

Once again, I'm a bit behind.  But here's the awesome eye candy from the March Sew-n-Tell.

Sarah has been busy making beauties.

Even her backs are gorgeous.

Here's another from our prolific Sarah.

And another pretty back.

Kelli doesn't share often, but when she does,
she has some amazing quilts.

Kelli finisher her quit from
Victoria Findlay Wolf's workshop

Hexagons everywhere and a
unique binding method from Kelli.

Check out that binding.

Kelli's Improv is Quilt as you Go. 

The back really shows the quilt as you go
and great quilting.

Kelli found a way to really use up a lot of scraps.
Crocheting 2" strips into a bath mat.

Sorry, Can't remember who made this beauty. 
Hopefully they'll let me know.

Elizabeth made this for and auction for
her daughter's class.  Each of the students names
is on the cross in their own hand writing.

Can't remember who made this beautiful Swoon quilt but
I'm pretty sure Jen quilted it.  It might belong to Regan.

This is the back of the guild's QUILTCON
charity quilt for 2016.

This is the front of the guild's QUILTCON charity
quilt for 2016.  Sarah J posted the story behind this
on our Facebook site in case you missed it.

This queen size quilt is by Jen.

This baby size quilt is by Jen.

Pieced quilt back by Jen.

Jen made this from the BOM blocks she won.
She has more blocks still to sew together.

Cathy made this for Kristen's baby.
All washed and crinkley and ready to deliver.

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