Sunday, March 27, 2016

Now you can be Sew Organized

Our presentation was from Heidi Staples of  She wrote the book Sew Organized for the Busy Girl.  But really her talk was all about making time for quilting and providing yourself the right place, space and opportunity to make your sewing time productive.  She talked about her own history and how she got into her hobby - now business.  I wrote down a bunch of statements she made that spoke to me.  Here's a couple of my faves "Guilt does NOT belong in your sewing room."  "Like the place where you sew." "Always look for better ways to do things.  She gave lots of suggestions and shared her story through her quilts.  It was a great presentation.  Sorry if you missed her.  Here's some pics you might enjoy.

She was inspired by her dads "Old" typewriter
so she made a quilt.

Then she made it bigger.

She likes playing with "Old" traditional quilt patterns
and making them larger and more modern.

She makes tools that help her and others be organized.

She likes resizing patterns.

Great for Kids or Adults coloring --
or for your quilting journal so you
are always ready to capture a new inspiration.

Her own version of a spools quilt.

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