Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hand applique for modern quilters

When I explain to people that I am in a quilt guild, I always qualify it by saying, but I am 'cool' quilter.  That translates even into one of the older traditions of quilting, needle-turn or hand applique.

Recently Carolyn Friedlander confirmed the fact that I am part of the cool quilters by writing the book, Savor Each Stitch, that highlights beautiful hand applique using modern design aesthetics. (see picture on right)

I saw crazymomquilts on Instagram (IG) posting about a 'dot your i's" project and decided to develop a hand project that was modern and could keep my hands busy during practices, vacations, guild meetings, and while watching The Bachelor...hey...don't judge!

So I started a new project.  I was inspired by the Aerial Grove quilted (see picture on the right) and the images I surfed on IG.  I love that I am juxtaposing the precision of invisible applique shapes with the imperfection of the "squircle."

I hope the tutorial inspires you and that you show off what you make.  You can follow me on IG, #jessipea, or show me at a meeting.  I can help you with needle turn applique, but I warn you, I am self-taught!

Check out these hashtags on IG to see some cool projects that inspired this one!
I can't wait to see what you make.

#aerialgrove     #squircles     #savoreachstitch

tutorial by Jessi Lane

I used scraps for this project, but I have been known to purchase fabrics to help my scraps out.

                                              1.  Cut a low volume print to 6.5 x 6.5 inches.
2.  Cut a bright print to about 3 inches square.
3.  Cut your square into a "squircle."
4.  There is not a right way to do this.

5.  Baste with a contrasting thread.  I keep it simple and fast.
6.  Choose a matching thread and I used a thin needle (clover gold eye)
*These superior thread wheels are invaluable to this applique project.
They are available at many of our sponsor stores.

7.  Applique the squircle down.  This is much like a binding stitch.
I just turn the edges of the fabric as I hand stitch.

8.  Tie a knot on the back of your shape when you have
secured all the sides.
9.  Cut all the basting threads off and admire your perfectly imperfect squircle.
9.  Repeat!

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