Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SAMQG Christmas Party Swap

Christmas Gift Exchange will be a pillow! 
We had so much fun doing this a few years ago that I'm bringing it back  Remember that you do NOT have to participate in this. If you don't want a pillow, then you don't have to make one. Just come hang out at the party. We exchange White Elephant style where we all draw a number and pick a gift. It can be stolen twice. The third owner is the final owner.
Here are the rules:
Size: No smaller that 12 inches square and no bigger than 24 inches square. It can be whatever shape you want. Just keep it within those parameters. If it's a circle, then the diameter should be between 12 and 24 inches.
This pillow does NOT have to be quilted. But it better have fabric! HA
You can either use a store bought pillow insert or make your own.
Please try to stick with modern fabrics that are quilt shop quality. Other materials besides cotton are allowed. Home dec weight is ok too. I've seen quilters embellish with wool ect.
Embellish as much as you want. I might go a little crazy. Beading, trims, appliqué, Pom Poms and ric Rac? Why Not?
This does not have to be a Christmas themed pillow.
Please bring your item wrapped.
Did I leave anything out? Let me know.

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