Saturday, January 10, 2015

SAMQG Ultimate Mini Quilt Swap REVEAL

In August one of the guild members announced a mini quilt swap.  This was a first for our guild, and even though there were only 16 participants, it was a HUGE success.  I'm pretty sure if we have another swap, people will be fighting to get in on it.  The results were amazing.  During the January meeting sewcial time, the swapping commenced.  Check out all the happy quilters and beautiful quilts.  This blog post was updated to include the last two swappers.  The swap is complete

Danielle got this from Ashley
Sarah got this from Rebecca

Rebecca got the bag from Sarah R.
Rebecca got the mug rug from Sarah R.

Rebecca got this from Sarah R.
Kim got these from Suzanne

Sarah J. got this from Cathy
This is the back

Suzanne got this from Sarah J.
This is the back

Vickie got this from Kim
This is the back

Jessi got this from Allison
Allison got this from Jessi

Stacy got this from Kelli
Cathy got this from Vickie

Kelli got this from Lisa
Erica got this from Danielle
Lisa got this from Stacy
Anna got this from Erica
Ashley got this from Anna


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