Saturday, May 9, 2015

No May Meeting

Well there wasn't exactly a meeting at the Modern Mercado but there was some Sew-n-Tell and block of the month information. First off since there way no "real" May meeting, the Block of the Month from this month is extended to next month. And there is another block for next month. Both are posted on Facebook. Feel free to make either or both. We will have two separate drawings at the June meeting so you'll have you chance to win either or both. Thanks to all those who brought their wares to sell at the Mercado. And thanks to all those who spent there hard earned money at the Mercado. I'm sure the sellers were happy for your business. I know I was. And congrats to the door prize winners. This was my first time winning a door prize and I'm not sure we take enough time to say thank you to those that donate those door prizes. So here's a big Thank You from the past and present door prize winners. You are appreciated. If you're interested in donating a door prize, see our Vice President for Hospitality and Membership, Sara Elliott. There were no president announcements at the non-meeting, so let's get right to the good stuff. Here's the Sew-n-Tell in case you missed it.

Sorry, Couldn't resist showing this awesome creation.  Isn't he adorable?

Emily held a contest at retreat at was able to get 20 NICU tops made for Threads of Love.  She showed off a couple the group did.

This is the Block of the Month for next meeting.  Watch facebook for the instructions.

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